Attitude is Everything | Nicole Smartt Attitude is Everything | Nicole Smartt


There is a major difference between reacting and responding. It can be very difficult to remember that in many cases in life, the only thing we can truly control is how we respond to events. In a fast-paced work environment, with tasks flying at us at top speed, it can be easy to slip into a reactionary stance. With a multitude of issues vying for our attention, it can be the difference between high stress and feeling swamped, and really excelling at your work.

That’s one of the real secrets: successful people don’t necessarily have fewer problems than people who don’t succeed. It’s more about the attitude. And I’m not just talking effecting a sunny disposition. I’m talking about having a can-do attitude.

One of the best things you can do is really simple. In any one moment, think about how you want to respond. Take a couple of seconds. In stead of taking a caller’s bad attitude into your view of your workday or your world, think about all the factors out of your control that could have colored that person’s attitude. Your response (in this case, one of compassion) can make all the difference.

Not all days will be easy. Challenges could look insurmountable. They’re not.

If you’re handed a situation in which the goal looks unattainable to you, look at the proposed process to get there. Don’t focus on why the process is completely impossible. Refrain from defeatist attitudes, and look at ways you can make it work. Your mind is one of your most powerful assets. Take these moments to get creative. After all, the best innovators have one thing in common: when they were told they couldn’t do it, they ignored the naysayers and found ways to succeed.

Set the bar high for yourself and your team.

High expectations are opportunities. High expectations are compliments. If I  expect high results from  coworkers, it means I believe they can succeed. I  believe you can succeed.

Remember: don’t react, respond instead. You can achieve greatness — I believe it, and so should you.