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I recently held a dinner for a group of friends. I invited close friends and a few acquaintances with whom I wanted to strengthen our friendships. We had a great time discussing many topics, and it was a resounding success for all of us. One of my newer friends called me the next day to tell me what a powerful dinner it was, made up of such successful women. I told her while everyone is different, they share three commonalities: intelligence, big hearts, and superpowers like Wonder Woman!

While some women compete with others, gossip, and rise in their professional lives at the expense of other women around them, we are trying to change the status quo with a group of women that motivate, inspire, and empower one another to be the very best they can. Surround yourself with people you can look up to, learn from, and grow with.

Here are a few factors I think contribute to a healthy set of friendships with successful women.

Brains: Surround yourself with intelligent, inquisitive and engaged people (not just women!) There are tons of smart ladies out there, and maintaining friendships with women who are very smart and experts in different areas is a great thing. Women with different backgrounds can also help introduce new ideas and perspectives, which also helps keep your brain limber and help you innovate in your own life.

Beauty: This isn’t superficial beauty. Not to say that my friends aren’t externally attractive, but they are even more beautiful inside. Their hearts have the purest of intentions, they’re willing to help, and they’re dedicated to doing exceptional work. People who are beautiful on the inside are great to keep close to you – they help you stay strong when things are tough, and celebrate with you on successes.

Badass: That’s right! My girlfriends are badass with a capital B. These women see obstacles as opportunities, have sailed through the toughest of terrains whether it be personal or professional, and have come out on top due to dedication, hard work, and resilience. No luck for this group – their successes (and mine) are due to dedication, hard work, innovation and flexibility.

Take a look at those you hold dear, and the ladies you’d like to know better. Connect with them, listen to what they have to say, and be open about your own situation, and watch these powerful, strengthening relationships flourish.

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