Get Inspired: Accomplish All Your Goals - Nicole Smartt Get Inspired: Accomplish All Your Goals - Nicole Smartt

Get Inspired: Accomplish all your goals! Today,  I turn 30. That’s right. The big 3-0. I leave my twenties behind. Now that I’ve announced my age and birthday, I’m expecting presents, cards, and flowers.

But in all seriousness. While I’m excited, I’m not nearly as thrilled for my birthday as I am about my future. Having surpassed my yearly goals, it’s time to embark on a new journey, with more challenges and hurdles to overcome.

I’ve always been one to put my goals in front of me, where I see them on a daily basis and make a conscious effort to achieve them. Since 30 is such a big deal, I’m sharing my goals online.

Here are my 5 goals for my 30s, and I hope they help you get inspired to work toward your big goals, no matter your age.

1. Feel Fulfillment. I always said I never wanted to be content, but always fulfilled. For me, this means that I structure my goals to not only feel great to achieve, but are steps toward larger goals. To reach the end of a big project and feel satisfaction is one thing; to check off smaller goals as I go helps me construct a sort of stairway of success. For me, feeling content is more like allowing myself to get complacent. Focusing on feeling fulfilled, even when I fractionalize my to do list, helps me keep working toward ever greater goals.

Smartt Tip: Break your goals into smaller actionable steps. Track your success at each step of the way.

Bonus tip: If you don’t love what you’re doing, change your mindset or find something you DO love and go do that.

2. Become an Author. That’s right, I’m going to publish a book. Now, I could have pushed harder at Best Sellers, but my goal is more on writing great content. How do I plan to do this? By keeping at it, looking to writers I respect, asking for feedback and not letting myself get discouraged. There are countless writers in the world, and there’s a wide range of metrics of success for those writers. I focus on quality content over volume, and am satisfied knowing that I’ve put out high quality work.

Smartt Tip: Take that book idea off the back burner. Spend some time working on an outline. If you get stuck, set it aside for a while, but go back to it.

3. Start a Conference. I want to start an annual conference for professionals to come together to gain knowledge, connect with like-minded peers, and put their creativity to good use. This conference will become the North Bay’s biggest conference for professionals. Well, that is my hope anyway! I’ve found that my best ideas come from connecting with my peers and throwing ideas around. Great conversation in great company is a great way to connect and feed your mind. And, I am doing this with my best friend.
Smartt Tip: Connect with like-minded individuals, and let them in on your ideas. You won’t have to give away the farm to get great feedback and ideas to get you on to the next step.

4. Expanding my baby. That’s right! My baby will always be Star Staffing. My first company has been listed on the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in the world. It’s exhilarating to continue to build and expand, and I am so excited for the future. 30 is a milestone, and I’m making this decade count! Star will always be a top focus.

Smartt Tip: Don’t ever, ever give up on your dreams. Humble beginnings, mistakes and redirects are a part of life. Celebrate your wins, learn from your losses, and keep working.

Your biggest regret probably won’t be the things you tried that fell short of your goals. You’ll probably regret the things you never tried at all. Take a chance (or ten)! If you have any questions on goal management, please contact me! I’m here to help. Here’s to the next decade! Cheers.