Finding Your Calling: 5 Ways to Know You’ve Found It Finding Your Calling: 5 Ways to Know You’ve Found It

Finding your calling! There’s a lot of talk in today’s work world about finding your calling. Before you can fulfill your calling, you’ve got to identify what it is. But no matter which of the countless schools of thought that bring you to your search, there doesn’t seem to be much out there about how you can tell when you’ve found it. Here are five ways I’ve identified that can help you know when you’ve arrived on the right road.

  1. Your ambition is alive and well. If you find yourself voluntarily researching, learning new skills that support what you’re working on, networking on your off hours – when work comes up in social conversations and your excitement is infectious, you’re probably on the right track.
  2. The feeling that there’s something “better” out there for you – something you might enjoy doing more than what you’re doing now, something that fulfills you more deeply – is gone. Yes, it’s possible! There’s a moment where the question of whether or not you’re spending your energy doing the right thing, regardless of the financial compensation, sort of stops mattering. You wake in the morning knowing that you’re putting your effort to good use.
  3. You’ll realize you’re increasingly surrounded by like-minded people. Your excitement, determination, and great ideas will feed each other. A side note: if you feel like you’re far more deeply committed to what you’re doing than those around you are to theirs, you’re probably partway there: you may have found your calling, but not your people yet. Stick it out.
  4. Your work won’t feel like work anymore – at least most of the time. You’ll be glad to put on your proverbial work gloves and put your best efforts into it.
  5. You are aligned with your core values. I saved this one for last, because it may be the most important, but it can also be very difficult to identify. If your values aren’t compromised, your ideas will flow freely. This is, in part, because you trust yourself and what you’re aligned to.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you’ve found your calling, wait it out a while. Give yourself some time and as much time to think as you need, but don’t jump ship just yet. It’s a process but keep faith – you’ll get there.