Leading Through Life: Practical Tips - Nicole Smartt Leading Through Life: Practical Tips - Nicole Smartt

Leading Through Life, written by Melissa Denny.

Most of us have come to consider our careers our safe haven. We have found a community of people who appreciate our goals oriented, results driven mentality. We are confident and successful. But what happens when we step out of this arena, into different aspects of life? It has become natural to constantly strive for that next goal. Can this be translated into our personal lives?

I believe the answer is yes, with some perspective. Let’s face facts; life can be messy.  Let’s take a look at how our leadership skills can be put to good use.

For example, let’s take a look at family life. Single or married, we all have a family somewhere. If a dissatisfied scenario comes to mind, then here is an opportunity to use skills from our professional life.

Gather data. Use the data gathering stages that we all know so well. Get outside opinions. Maybe even conduct a survey. Do some research on the problem at hand. What do other people do when a situation like this comes up? Maybe read a few articles from knowledgeable sources. Talk to a trusted mentor, counselor or pastor; someone seasoned in this area. Have your desired resolution in mind.

Keep a sense of direction. This is a bit of a stretch for most of us leaders. We want results that we can see. Sometimes, after considerable research, with a situation that has been causing some anxiety in your life, the conclusion is it may never get better. Without a concrete goal, we tend to flounder. This is why direction is a key concept. You can apply the same principles of keeping your business vision in mind when you evaluate a tough situation or a new opportunity.

Bring fresh eyes to the situation. Look at the problem from a different perspective. Being leaders, we value our workplace relationships, and are purposeful in our interactions. We can do the same thing in our personal lives. Simply translate goal to direction, and realize that success is measured over the long haul, and not usually by the end of the quarter. Sometimes learning to be ok with a troublesome situation is the measure of success.

Our peers have come to see us as problem solvers. When they see us handle our personal lives with this type of insight, then we truly become respected leaders through life. The go to person your friends will count on. These tactics can help you feel far more rewarded, and have healthier relationships, than simply having a good work life.