Dress for Success this Fall: Women Who Work Fall Must Haves Dress for Success this Fall: Women Who Work Fall Must Haves


Dress for the Success this Fall: Women Who Work Wardrobe Must Haves

Having a stable, dependable wardrobe that makes you feel empowered is another essential for women in business. It can help us retain credibility, be more easily recognized, and provide what we need in terms of daily comfort and support, too.

I bought a whole new wardrobe for this fall. As an owner of a staffing firm, co-founder of a young professionals organization, and a woman working hard to build her empire, it’s important to feel good, look the part, and dress for the job I want. I also really don’t want to spend hours and hours working on outfits or worrying about what kind of message my current outfit is broadcasting. I need my wardrobe to be dependable.


(Photo from: http://www.cinemazzi.com/tv-style-work-wear-suits-fashion)
Here are a few items I picked up for my fall 2015 collection. If you’re in an executive role or working your way there, these may be must haves for your closet.

MIDI skirts and dresses are in! Have you seen Suits on USA? Jessica Pearson (played by Gina Torres) and Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) showcase incredible wardrobes. All their skirts and dresses are knee length. This is classy in the extreme, and is solidly sophisticated and professional. Short skirts are out (finally). They are not work appropriate and will not help you look like a boss lady. My favorites right now can be found at Banana Republic on sale.

Dresses with Long Jackets! Yes, you can wear a nice dress without having a blazer cover. It’s OK. Right now, long jackets with skirts and dresses are the way to go. Here are some styles worth looking into, too. Some of my favorite are from Theory. One great thing about Theory’s dresses is that they are a pretty clean palate – easy to customize and dress up or down. They provide a great base layer that will help you feel comfortable and empowered, but also fully yourself. Add jewelry, a scarf, earrings or nothing at all – these dresses (or something like them) are go-to. Bonus: many of them come in heavy linen blends or wool, so they’re good for cooler weather too. For great jackets, you can never go wrong with Burberry. For less expensive jackets that look high-end, Zara has awesome ones!

Turtlenecks are hot! It’s time to get back to those turtlenecks, and celebrate them. I love the Theory turtleneck tank tops (like this.) They go with any skirt, and you can dress them up or down. It’s a slimming look no matter what body you have. I think these are especially great because they’re so flexible, but also so, so comfortable.

Though contemporary America is more free than ever in fashion, it’s still important to look the part. If you don’t like the expectations, play with it – bend or break the rules, but if you do, do it boldly.