From Receptionist to Boss Available on Amazon - Nicole Smartt From Receptionist to Boss Available on Amazon - Nicole Smartt

From Receptionist to Boss: Real Life Advice for Getting Ahead at Work

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my first book! Titled From Receptionist to Boss, this is a career self-help book designed to kickstart the working lives of young adults. As the title suggests, the book tells the story of how I moved from an entry-level position to that of co-owner of a thriving staffing company. Through that narrative, I weave lessons learned and tips for how other young workers can set goals, work hard, stay focused, and use mentors along the way to further their careers.

The book is made up of ten easy-to-read chapters, each of which offers useful career advice:

  • Step One: Get Excited about What You Do
  • Step Two: Make the Most of Your Twenty-Four Hours
  • Step Three: Adopt a Positive Attitude to Achieve Positive Results
  • Step Four: Become an Information Junkie
  • Step Five: Cultivate and Nurture Your Network
  • Step Six: Become a Master of Social Media
  • Step Seven: Lead by Example
  • Step Eight: Hustle, Always Hustle
  • Step Nine: Remain True to Yourself: Embrace Authenticity
  • Step Ten: Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate

Here’s a snippet from Chapter One to give you an idea of the book’s pragmatic tips:

“When considering your strengths, make sure they’re practical. Strengths aren’t necessarily what you want to do or even things you like doing. They’re what you are good at. My list of strengths has changed over the years and yours may change too. With practice, determination, follow-through, creativity, and staying true to your word you will discover hidden strengths you never knew you had—skills that will help propel you into a success­ful career.”

From Receptionist to Boss is available now for pre-order on Amazon for $14.99. I hope you’ll consider purchasing it for yourself or a friend, or perhaps for a relative, co-worker, or your child who’s just entering the workforce.

I love that my work and now this book are all about helping people further their careers and life prospects. Order your copy today to learn how.