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Nicole Smartt

About Nicole Smartt

Nicole started her career fresh out of high school at a local staffing firm, where she worked as a receptionist. In a very short time, she worked her way up to business services manager where she oversaw the clerical placement division.

When the owners decided to sell, they offered Nicole a chance to buy it outright. They said her determination, drive, and commitment (along with many other factors) made her ideal to inherit the hard-won business they built. Nicole declined, concerned she was too young and inexperienced to rise to the task. The company sold to a larger staffing firm, and Nicole began her career in sales.

After two years in a sales position, Nicole left to start her own firm. During that time, Star Staffing approached Nicole to join their team. Within fourteen months of working at Star Staffing, Nicole became an owner. She now sits as vice president and co-owner. In less than six years, Nicole helped to increase sales by 1,800 percent and profit by 2,500 percent, taking her company to be one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America by Inc. Magazine.

“In less than six years, Nicole helped increase sales by 1,800 percent and profit by 2,500 percent, guiding her company to become one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America.”

-Inc. Magazine

A Passion For Excellence

Nicole is a visionary and an excellent strategic leader. She is passionate about building a company focused on exceptional, personalized service. This is reinforced by cultivating positive relationships with her employees and fostering a collaborative and engaged work environment. She expects from employees continuous effort to learn and improve their performance, especially under less-than-ideal situations, to “do more with less,” and most importantly to display humility toward clients. She has a knack for identifying gaps that need to be addressed to help staff and clients improve. Nicole’s philosophy is based in constant improvement. Let her help you improve yourself and your business.

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