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A Strong Visionary and Strategic Leader

Her philosophy includes:

Empowering others to reach their full potential and take their careers to new heights.

Learn the keys to success first hand from someone who has made it to the top.

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Who’s Nicole

Nicole is a business visionary and a strategic leader. She is passionate about building a company focused on exceptional, personalized service. This is reinforced by cultivating positive relationships with her employees and fostering a collaborative and engaged work environment.

Available for Speaking

Nicole would love to speak at your next event. Her lectures are centered around practical advice and business insights for continuously improving your career. These talks would be an asset for high school and college students preparing to enter the career field, as well as young professionals that could use a nudge in the right direction.

Recognized Business Leader

Nicole has become known and is increasingly sought out as a business advice expert. She is currently a monthly columnist for the North Bay Business Journal.

She has been featured in such publications as Forbes, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, AOL Jobs, Fox Business, and American Express Business Forum, among others.

From Receptionist to Boss Book

If you’ve ever wondered what all of the elements of a successful and positive go-getter are, look no further than this book. Nicole Smartt’s first work, From Receptionist to Boss, is packed with practical advice for getting ahead in your career and continually bettering yourself as a professional.

The Staffing Queen Blog

5 Habits of Successful Women: Get (and Stay) on Top

5 Habits of Successful Women: Get (and Stay) on Top There are a few things that many successful women have in common, and it’s not about personality type. Habits can be cultivated, and leveraged to help you be successful. It’s not all about experience, though that...

From Receptionist to Boss Available on Amazon

From Receptionist to Boss: Real Life Advice for Getting Ahead at Work I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my first book! Titled From Receptionist to Boss, this is a career self-help book designed to kickstart the working lives of young adults. As the title...

5 Tips for Conquering the Haters

There will probably always be haters. But there will also always be winners, and it’s rare that one single person is in both categories. Don’t stoop — look ahead. Don’t frown — smile with satisfaction. And most importantly, don’t ever give up.