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About From Receptionist to Boss

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a successful and positive go-getter, the elements are in this book. Nicole Smartt’s first book, From Receptionist to Boss, contains a wealth of practical advice for getting ahead in your career and consistently bettering your professional self.

This book provides dozens of priceless insights into the life of a woman who has succeeded independently and strived for everything she has achieved. From Receptionist to Boss is a comprehensive guide to not only working hard but also working smart. Nicole has given her keys to success, from tips on time management to taking risks and overcoming doubts and negativity. All of her advice is broken down into easy-to-digest chapters, compiled into a quick read, giving you a head start on your time management.

This is basically the blueprint to Nicole’s success. Buy it, read it, and use it. You won’t believe how much you can benefit and grow.

Take it a step further. At the end of each chapter, you’ll find a key Smartt Word. Enter the Smartt Word along with your information below to receive an interactive, helpful tool corresponding to the advice in that chapter.

  • How to manage you time more efficiently.
  • What to do about negativity in the workplace.
  • Unique ways to continuously learn new things.
  • How to become a social media master.
  • Ways to improve your collaboration skills.

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